Refund Policy

We will fully refund an order if the items are not in stock. If a single item is not in stock we will refund the cost of the missing items once the buyer confirms he received his package. If any other items missing or broken, we will replace or refund along with the missing item(s) refund. 

Cancellation Policy
We will fully refund an order if it is cancelled withing 24 hours from order date. If cancelled after 24 hours we will charge 10% of total order to cover for restocking and handling fees.
Can you send me a tracking number?
We will send you a notification and tracking number via email when we ship your order, or you will receive one from out shipper who is Canada Post in most cases. If you haven’t received this email, it’s probably that we haven’t shipped your order yet. It’s also possible that the notification email has been trapped by a spam filter or landed in your spam folder. Please look there. You can avoid this problem by adding our email address to your email address book.
How do I track my order?
Go to and track your order there, using the tracking number provided to you by email