Starbuzz Small Premium Clay Bowl


Superior clay compound for maximum durability. Unglazed material is best used for individual flavor retention.

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Starbuzz Small Premium Clay Bowl

It is ingeniously designed for increased air flow through your hookah, this bowl gives your hookah airflow the ability to easily travel in a straight line from the bowl down to the base with optimal air flow. No Extra money for design if you buy this bowl

Due to its thickness this 100% clay Bowl Is one of the most durable in the market .

Use of Starbuzz Small Premium Clay Bowl

The center spire is where the name ‘rook’ is truly derived, as this area looks like a castle, which is a layman’s term for a rook. The castle area serves a distinct function. When your hookah foil is laid on top, the lowered ends of the castle remain open so your airflow cannot be cut off, unlike other funnel style bowls. It give you glassy look and it can contain 20g- 40g flavour.


you can buy this product on our site. the best part of this product is it can contain 20g- 30g flavour. The look of this bowl give more good look of hookah


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