Mob Phunnel Clay Bowl


Mob hookah clay bowl- buy online shisha canada. Funnel hookah bowl is made up of clay. It is used in filling the flavours.You can buy hookah, flavours and equipment with a best quality products.

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MOB Funnel Hookah Bowl

It is ingeniously designed for increased air flow through your hookah, this bowl gives your hookah airflow the ability to easily travel in a straight line from the bowl down to the base with optimal air flow.

Due to its thickness this 100% clay Bowl Is one of the most durable in the market .

Use of MOB Funnel Hookah Bowl

The center spire is where the name ‘rook’ is truly derived, as this area looks like a castle, which is a layman’s term for a rook. The castle area serves a distinct function. When your hookah foil is laid on top, the lowered ends of the castle remain open so your airflow cannot be cut off, unlike other funnel style bowls.

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Black, Red, Brown


MOB hoookah


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