Online Shisha Flavour Al Fakher’s Unique Blend of Refreshing Essence

Al Fakher Flavours Fresh shisha tobacco is flavor unlike any other in the entire line up. This simple, but intriguing flavor combines the best of Mint, Orange Mint, Blueberry Mint, Gum Mint, Lemon, Mango, Peach, Watermelon Mint, blueberries, purple grape, mint and mysterious mist of freshness that gives each hookah session full flavor with a smooth clean finish. We don’t consider this a minty blend, but it definitely has a cooling effect that you don’t get in other flavors from Al Fakher. If you enjoy other “Blue” “myst”-sterious flavors from other brands of hookah tobacco, we think you will love Al Fakher Fresh!

Al fakher is perhaps the most recognized and widely available shisha on the planet.  With millions of dedicated hookah fans around the world, Al Fakher offers a wide variety of shisha flavors to suit the tastes of their global audience.   New hookah smokers often ask, “So which Al Fakher flavor  is the best?”   Well, that answer depends on your personal hookah flavor profile.

Here is a list of the best selling Al Fakher tobacco and the description of the flavor, smoke quality and mixing potential.   Try these best selling Al Fakher shisha flavors and expand your flavor knowledge from there based on your preferences.

Al Fakher Flavours Two Apples

Al Fakher Two Apples is the shisha flavor that built the house of Al Fakher. Two Apples, aka Double Apple, is a mixture of red and green apple flavors with a generous dose of anise, or licorice, which results in a deliciously sweet and rich flavor. As one of the original hookah flavors, Two Apples is the most smoked flavor in the world. This classic is great on its own for a truly traditional session. Enjoy dense clouds of Al Fakher Two Apples and a flavor that will take you back Dubai.

Al-fakher shisha Flavour

Al Fakher Flavours Mint

Al Fakher Mint shisha is the “gold standard” by which all mint hookah tobacco is judged. This is the purest essence of mint available today across the hookah universe. This popular shisha is amazing to smoke on its own for a clean, refreshing hookah bowl. The smoke is thick, puffy and because of the cooling effect of the mint, extremely smooth. Al Fakher mint shisha is also one of the best hookah flavors for mixing. Adding mint to any flavor will create a lighter and smoother mix with a clean minty finish. Be warned that just a pinch of Al Fakher Mint can go a long way.

Al Fakher Flavours Watermelon Mint

Al Fakher Watermelon Mint shisha is a blend of sweet watermelon and cooling mint which results in a sure fire party pleasing flavor along with the thick clouds that Al Fakher is known for! This juicy blend has a rich and fruity taste that is one of the sweetest Al Fakher shisha flavors available followed by a cooling sweet mint exhale. Expect a candy watermelon flavor and you won’t be disappointed. The smoke is thick, and flavor will last for an hour or more. Try Al Fakher Watermelon with a touch of Mint and enjoy a sweet fruity blast with a cool mint finish….perfection!

Al Fakher Flavours Blueberry Mint

Al Fakher Blueberry Mint is a perfectly balanced blend of Al Fakher’s Flavour Blueberry and Mint flavours offering the sweet and tart notes of blueberries with a cool mint exhale. Much like the Al Fakher Watermelon Mint this is a solid choice for new hookah smokers and pro’s alike and is always a crowd pleasing flavor great for entertaining guests!

Shisha Flavor Al fakher Grape Mint

Al Fakher Fresh is available in 500g cartons of 50g boxes as well as 250g tubs (which you will want, because those 50g’s just won’t last long enough). If you have any questions about this flavor, just let us know!

Online Shisha Flavour Al Fakher's Unique Blend of Refreshing Essence