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Khalil Mamoon Hookah

It doesn’t matter which shisha flavor you are using but it is confirmed that you will realize that this product is your one of the best choice. Khalil Mamoon comes with various variety beautiful style well designed which will suit every smoker. You will love packing this up and taking it to a friend’s home to enjoy your smoke session. It comes to you with lots of specialty. You must know that each shisha is handmade… It means that every km shisha is as unique as you are. You can Buy Khalil Mamoon Online this product in your unique shop. – Online Shisha

Maya Hookah

Every shisha lover is crazy about this product and the thing which makes this shisha so special is its size which is very small compared to any other brand of hookah and dense smoke that any shisha lover likes to smoke. the size of mya  is as small as that you can place it anywhere and the lightweight gives you a more and more comfortable look. – Online Shisha

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Mya Bambino

This MYA Bambino Shisha  is as much a decorative piece of art as it is a quality hookah. The MYA Bambino is 12 inches tall, very stable for its size and smokes as good as any other of the MYA classic shisha in the market. The Mya Bambino is designed with a beautiful heavy solid color glass base supported with a cloisonné stem packaged in a MYA carrying case. Also included is a 6 foot long matching leather shisha hose and matching ceramic tobacco burner.

Mya Gelato Hookah

Mya Gelato

The MYA Econo Gelato is one of our high quality inexpensive small hookahs. It features a molded aluminum stem classic glass base that comes in those cotton candy colors and ice cream scoop shape. At Mya shisha, cost does not determine our commitment to bring quality to all our customers. It comes with a Mya shisha box with handle, tongs and matching leather It comes with a Mya box with handle, tongs and matching leather hose hose.

Mya Piccino Hookah

Mya Piccino

Don’t let the small portable size fool you. Stylish and cute, the Piccino is a perfect choice for a single smoker on the go. The Mya Piccino also comes with an LED light that can be easily installed into the bottom of the hookah base to make it glow! The assembled shisha is 13″ tall. Comes with solid color base of your choice, matching leather hose, a built in tobacco bowl, and a brass stem. Packaged up in a Mya colored box.

Pharaoh’s hookahs have a number of modern features that are quickly making them the most popular factory-made shisha around. Their threaded base/shaft design eliminates the need for base grommets, ensuring easy, airtight seals and easy maintenance.

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