How To Make Hookah Shisha – Part 1

How To Make Hookah Shisha – Part 1

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So today’s blog is based on hookah’s parts. When the hookah is made properly, it becomes even more enjoyable to smoke. Making a wonderful hookah is also an art. And you can learn the art of making hookah in just in few simple steps. “How to make hookah shisha” will be the topic of the next blog. But first, let’s take a look at hookah shisha formation.

The Hookah Shisha Formation

Do you know what makes hookah so special? I know what you’re thinking: “Hookahs have incredible looks, designs, and so on,” but the response is hookah Shisha parts. A hookah part is a factor that distinguishes the hookah to adding to its attractiveness.

Every hookah has three stages, as you can see in every hookah.

The Adorable Top Section Of Hookah Shisha

Top section — This is the part that distinguishes a hookah from others. In this top order, there are four hookah Shisha parts.

  1. Hookah tobacco
  2. Bowl
  3. Coal tray
  4. Bowl stem

So starting with the first one

  1. Hookah Shisha tobacco — A flavor of hookah which contains nicotine or non -nicotine product. A flavor of hookahhookah shisha is the choice of hookah lover. You’d like to see a variety of hookah flavor labels, such as Al fakher, Afzal, MYA, and several others. Each hookah lover has a favourite flavor that they like to smoke on a regular basis. Romeo is my favourite hookah flavour. What’s yours?

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  1. Bowl– The bowl is the part which plays an important role in the top order. Bowl is used to store hookah flavor. Bowl is made up of clay or metal. Because of its design, the clay bowl would be seen more than the metal bowl. A clay bowl comes in a variety of designs that fascinate the vision. The bowl has a few small holes in it. It will help flavour transfer to the pipe (hose) through the bowl stem.hookah shisha

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  1.  Coal tray — A coal tray plays the role of caring. The coal tray is used to store ashes of coals and extra mouth pipes. Coal tray is made up of stainless steel. Sometimes you might find out that the coal tray get heated during smoke, but that is a very rare phenomenon. A coal tray doesn’t get heat up so easily.

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  1. Bowl Stem– Bowl stem plays the role of the connector in the top order section. Bowl stem helps bowl in the connection of the hookah.

So these are the four hookah parts in the top order section which make your hookah incredible. You can also customize your hookah top order by trying different designs of hookah parts or you can try the new glass hookah shades which are available at the online shisha store.

Middle Section Fusion – Hookah Shisha

It’s now time for the middle-order section. You would very often see the five most essential parts of the middle section of hookah. So the five parts of the middle section are-

  1. Stem
  2. Hose
  3. Hose connector
  4. Valve
  5. Stem heart

So starting with the first one-

  1. Stem — Just like a pillar that supports a house and helps it to stand out. Stem also performs the same role for hookah. Stem gives support to hookah and every part of hookah. It attaches to the base of the hookah.
  2. Hose — hose, also known as hookah pipe. Hoses are available in a variety of sizes. Some hookah shisha lovers love long hoses and some like small hoses. Hoses are made up of good material plastics. It is flexible and stretchable. You can also buy amazing hoses from and get a heavy discount on them.hookah shisha hose
  3. Hose connector– As the name suggests. A hose connector helps in attaching hose from a hookah. So that hookah lover can enjoy their hookah with dense smoke.
  4. Valve– While smoking hookah sometimes smoke gets thin. The reason is dust, while inhaling hookah flavor some particles from hookah Shisha flavour get stuck in hose connector or in the bowl few pores which cause smoke to get stuck inside vase. To avoid this problem valve are used. The valve is located in opposite side of the hose port. Valve help in vacuuming the dense smoke from vase, and allowing smoke to pass quickly to the hose.

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Lower order — the base part of hookah

There are two parts in the lower order.

  1. Vase
  2. Down stem

So starting with first part.

  1. Vase– the vase gives the full support to stem so that it can stand by the whole hookah. Vase works in two different functions. It will cool down the whole hookah. It helps in hookah smoke filtration.hookah shisha

Here is a quick tip —Always fill the vase with the cold water and it should be below the one inch (2.54 cm) of downstem.

2. Downstem — just like a special parts of cars which make car special and unique. Down stem also is a special part of hookah which make hookah special and unique. Every brand of hookah make their own downstem so that they can make their hookah unique and amazing. Downstem helps in joining vase to the hookah.

So that’s all for this blog. I hope you will enjoy this blog.

One more thing as I mentioned above the next part is “how to make hookah”. So stay tuned and keep smoking hookah. And don’t miss out to check out the amazing glass hookah on

Happy smoking!!

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