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Looking to buy a shisha pipe online? Having a hard time finding the right hookah in Calgary ? No worries, Onlineshisha is here to help you with all of your shisha needs. When it comes to water pipe smoking, we are the experts for hookah in Canada. Since 2014, we have supplied consumers all across the country. We have helped them improve their shisha smoke experience by assisting them to find the right hookah set for their personal needs. At Onlineshisha , we pride our selves on being the best shop in Canada offering high quality & luxury hookahs.

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The best shisha tobacco pipe brands in the industry. Whether you are looking to purchase a Khalil Mamoon or Oduman hookah pipe, we got you covered with the newest & best hookahs. Each shisha pipe is sold at its most recent model so that you get the latest version hookah bong at the time of purchase. We are always updating our catalog of smoking pipes from manufacturers all over the globe.

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This is the flavor of pan raas. Comes with 250 g pack.Al Fakher Watermelon Mint shisha is a blend of sweet watermelon and cooling mint which results in a sure fire party pleasing flavor along with the thick clouds that Al Fakher is known for! This juicy blend has a rich and fruity taste that is one of the sweetest Al Fakher shisha flavors available followed by a cooling sweet mint exhale. Expect a candy watermelon flavor and you won’t be disappointed. The smoke is thick, and flavor will last for an hour or more. Try Al Fakher Watermelon with a touch of Mint and enjoy a sweet fruity blast with a cool mint finish….perfection!

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Mob Hookah:-     This hubbly bubbly is made to deliver excellent draw with every puff. This is very perfect for enjoy moments with family and friends. This  mob hookah available very unique and perfect design. On onlineshisha canada.

Khalil  Mamoon Hookah:-   This kahlil Mamoon  hookah available with premium quality and best price. This is vey unique  hookah to increase your parties glamorous and you feel amazing if you are using this khali mamoon

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These extra-long Nara mouth tips are shaped to conform to the contours of your mouth with ease, making the hookah experience fun and enjoyable. They are longer in comparison to the ordinary mouth tips, reaching your pot pipe with ease without the unnecessary movement and stretching when reaching the hose.

Extra-long Nara mouth tips are available in both male and female fitting styles, and come packaged in a box of ten pieces each, so you are assured your guests can fix their mouth tips on the hose and enjoy their puffs without sharing tips which also makes it hygienic.

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By far the best brand in quick lighting charcoal. Three Kings quick lighting hookah charcoals are quality clean-burning hookah coals manufactured in Holland. Burn slowly and surely. Just like other brands of quick lighting hookah coals, these coals are easily lit with a cigarette lighter or torch lighter and are fully lit in less than a minute

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