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Buy Km Hookah Online known as combine traditional design and style it comes with superior quality and exceptional durability. We find that km hookah is designed for the smoker that supports fine craftsmanship. If you want to fell full of traditional look with your hookah so km hookah is best option for you when you will have this hookah you will surely realize that you are a part of history. So we have a good collection of these Egyptian-made hookah.

It doesn’t matter which hookah flavor you are using but it is confirm that you will realize that this product is Your one of best choice.Km hookah comes with various variety beautiful style well designed which will suits on every smoker You will love packing this up and taking it to a friends home to enjoy your smoke comes to you with lots off speciality. You must know that each of hookah is handmade.. It means that every km hookah is as unique as you are. You can Buy Km Hookah Online  this product on your unique shop – Online Shisha


Best hookah of km- Buy Km Hookah Online

  1. Km Hookah Black Shareef – Buy Km Hookah Online

Buy Km Hookah Online. We are introducing to you this Khalil Mamoon Shareef Hookah with a solid dark colour stem and trey standing at 34 inches tall and features are unbelievable  and this Khalil MamoonBlack Shareef Hookah gives you special feeling because of dense smoke.

It is designed Khalil Mamoon base or a black or gold colour. Khalil Mamoon base it is perfect combination of hookah because it has many facilities as easy cleaning,and aesthetics. enjoy this unique hookah

buy km hookah online

Khalil MamoonBlack Shareef   includes-

  • Handmade, black stem
  • HEIGHT-34 inches
  • Stainless Steel downstem


2. Km Pharonie -Buy Km Hookah Online Canada

BUY KM HOOKAH ONLINE the Khalil Mamoon Pharonie single hose pipe hookah comes to you with all the original KM brands handmade hookah accessories the pharonie hookah stands at 34 inches tall stand. like other Khalil Mamoon Hookah you will get more stronger and fashionable products.

This hookah comes to you with a traditional clear and well designed stripes.

Km Pharonie also includes


3.Km Ice General – Buy Km Hookah Canada

Buy Km Hookah Online the  KHALIL MAMOON ICE general hookah hose pipe hookah comes towards you with a very new featured hookah. the km ice general hookah stands at 34 inches tall stand. as km brand is very reliable brand so you can easily truist on this product also. this ice gneneral hookah brings coolness for you when you will exhale it you will feel cooling which is you are inhaling with this marvelous hookah.

buy km hookah online

KM ice general box includes

  • hand made stem
  • Height- 34 inches
  • Stainless Steel downstem


4.Km 1001 Nights- BUY KM HOOAKH ONLINE

The Khalil Mamoon1001 Night Hookah this is also one new brand of KM. This is a new and well design hookah which will satisfied your desire of smoke.

buy km hookah online

It is a smaller size KM hookah model, designed specifically for producing a great smoking experience. The price of this hookah will not burn a hole in your pocket as it is very pocket friendly. Its rigid and design allows for easy setup and maintenance, which will keep you pampered for years to come. This KM hookah is truly going to be an experience for your smoking delight.

  • Khalil Mamoon Hose
  • Khalil Mamoon Stamped tray and stem
  • Egyptian Clay Bowl,
  • Tongs
  • Grommets

KM hookah important points – Buy Km Hookah Online

*It’s important to note that Km hookah are individually hand-made and are not mass produced. Individual attention in crafting may result in variations in detail from the hookah pictured. Subtle stylistic differences in welding (including weld spots), finish, and hose and glass color are purely aesthetic and will in no way affect how well Km hookah will smoke.

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